Can I use nodpod for side sleeping?

Yes. It works incredibly for side sleeping. Be sure to use the last two pods over your eyes and rest your head on the hollow end.

Will it stay on all night?

The purpose of nodpod is to help you relax and get to sleep, not to stay on all night. Nodpod may slip off while you're sound asleep but will always be by your side if you get to snooze-in.

Without a strap, how do I secure it?

Pull a corner through the slit and adjust to tighten.

Does the nodpod come in different weight options?

Nodpod was designed with the comfort in mind. We've experimented with every weight down to the bead, and found that 9 ounces, evenly distributed, was the perfect weight for all sleeping positions. If you would like your nodpod to feel heavier, one option is to fold it in half, which will double the weight over your eyes.

How does the cool-side, warm-side work?

It's simply how the air passes through the two different materials. One side is made of a cooling jersey cotton and the other side a warmer, microfiber fleece.

Isn't organic material fill , like flax seed or lavender, better than plastic beads?

Although that may sound like the better option, organic fill material over time produces mold spores and cannot be washed. Our fill material, made of small, round plastic beads, does not promote the surface growth of bacteria.

What are the benefits of weighted products?

Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation is known for its ability to calm and relax the central nervous system and has been used in clinical practice for decades. It's simply the practice of applying gently pressure to the body. This has been shown to increase serotonin levels (the feel-good hormone) while decreasing cortisol (the stress hormone). Just the kind of thing you need for a good night's sleep.

Can I wash and dry my nodpod?

You can wash your nodpod on a delicate setting in a garment bag. We recommend washing it before the first use. Although nodpod is dryer safe we recommend that you air dry for longevity.

Can I microwave my nodpod?

No. The plastic beads are not rated for the microwave and they will melt.

Can I freeze my nodpod?

Yes, it feels amazing this way. It stays soft and flexible.

What are the beads in the nodpod made of? Are they safe?

Yes, very safe. The microbeads are made of 100% Polyethylene (PE) plastic pellets, which is the most common plastic in use today. It's used in medical equipment, food containers, and children's stuffed animals. These beads are nontoxic, BPA free and hypoallergenic.

Is nodpod scented?

Nodpod is scent-free.

Can my child use it?

We recommend the nodpod for those 12 and older who are able to independently and correctly place and remove the nodpod themselves. Never use the nodpod, or any weighted product, on or near an infant or impaired person.

Is nodpod completely light blocking?

Yes. Completely. The microbeads contour to your eyes to create total light-blocking hug.