When trying to find the best fill material to weight my idea for a strap-free sleep mask, I discovered the clinical phenomenon of Deep Touch Pressure- the science of applying gentle pressure to your body to relieve stress and anxiety while promoting deep, restful sleep. Pretty amazing right? I thought so too.

So I got to thinking, couldn't we all benefit from this? It became my mission to create a sleep mask that would do so much more than just block the light, as we can all use less stress and better sleep in our busy lives.

2009 Nodpod

My mom helping me construct the very first Nodpod prototype in my kitchen.

2015 My First Trade Show

My first trade show in Dallas. No clue what I was doing but had all the confidence in Nodpod.

2019 Nodpod Goes National

Helping people understand the benefits of Deep touch Pressure on National TV.

Present Day

So many of my dreams have come true. We continue to surprise and delight skeptics around the world with our simple, highly effective sleep products.

Cheers to a good night's sleep and the endless possibilites of tomorrow.