3 Benefits of Sleeping with a Weighted Blanket
3 Benefits of Sleeping with a Weighted Blanket

Snuggling under a cozy, warm blanket is one of life's greatest luxuries. But what if that blanket had the ability to do more than just keep the chills away?

You've probably seen weighted blankets everywhere, from the shelves of Nordstrom to your TikTok For You page, and might be wondering what the big deal is. Is it just another fad, or is it the real deal? From relieving stress and anxiety to improving sleep quality, there are endless benefits to introducing a weighted blanket to your evening routine.

So get comfortable – here are 3 of our favorite benefits of using a weighted blanket.

1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

One of the most notable benefits of sleeping with a weighted blanket is that it can help reduce anxiety and stress. The deep touch pressure (DTP) provided by the weighted blanket has a calming effect that can help lower your cortisol, a hormone that is produced in response to stress.

2. Can Relieve Sensory Processing Disorder Symptoms

In addition to improving sleep and reducing stress, weighted blankets have also been shown to provide relief for individuals with conditions such as ADHD, autism, and sensory processing disorders. The pressure of the blanket can help to regulate sensory input and improve the body's ability to tolerate it. This can lead to an improvement in behavior, mood, and sleep patterns.

3. Improves Sleep Quality

According to a recent study from The Cleveland Clinic, roughly 1 in 3 adults worldwide have symptoms of Insomnia. When using a weighted blanket, the pressure created by the blanket encourages your body's natural production of serotonin and melatonin, two hormones that are essential for regulating sleep. This is because the weight of the blanket mimics the sensation of a hug or a gentle massage, providing a sense of security and comfort. This will help you fall asleep faster and maintain a more restful sleep, leading to you waking up more refreshed.

Whether you're struggling with sleep, anxiety, or pain, a weighted blanket can provide relief and comfort.
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