Why a Weighted Sleep Mask is a Must-Have for Frequent Travelers
Why a Weighted Sleep Mask is a Must-Have for Frequent Travelers

No matter how exciting the destination, traveling can be an almost herculean task. From getting to the airport on time to double, triple, and quadruple checking your packing list, it almost seems as if nothing can adequately prepare you for your next trip. While this feeling may persist in the packing stage, let Nodpod help you out once you do start your journey. 

What Even is a Weighted Sleep Mask?

While it may sound like a novelty, there are real benefits to using a weighted sleep mask. Nodpod is the first of its kind with its weighted sleep mask and utilizes Deep Touch Pressure to ease symptoms of stress and anxiety all while calming both the mind and body. Weighing in at 9oz, the Nodpod weighted sleep mask has just enough pressure to feel its calming effects but not too much to the point of feeling constricting. Nodpod brings the comfort of a weighted blanket but has adapted it in a new and ingenious way to fall asleep. 

What If I Hate Sleep Masks?

We thought you might say something like that, and don’t worry we were skeptical once too. Nodpod was designed with the idea of a traditional sleep mask in mind, and they just weren’t cutting it. The straps were irritating, constricting, and uncomfortable, and they never contoured to your face in the right way.

With Nodpod, the strap has been entirely eliminated. Don’t worry about not being able to use it sitting up in a plane seat, though, because Nodpod comes equipped with a pull-through loop in order to fasten the mask over your eyes and keep it secure in any position. Its fill material consists of 100% BPA-free and scent-free Polyethylene beads which contour to the face and leave you with a completely customized and comfortable fit. 

Traveling with Nodpod

Nodpods are compact and travel-friendly making them the optimal travel partner when sleep is evasive and your cortisol levels start to spike. They can be stored in your carry-on luggage at an airport, in your purse or backpack on a train or car ride, or even wrapped around your head for hands-free transport (make sure you also wear your pajamas to complete the ensemble on that one). Nodpods are also TSA-approved and can go through the same security screenings as your usual luggage without a hitch.

But I Don’t Sleep While Traveling

Sleeping away from home can be difficult enough on its own, let alone trying to get some shut-eye while in the air or in the backseat of a car. Despite what calling it a sleep mask may suggest, your Nodpod does not have to be exclusively used for sleep. Nodpod’s ability to contour to your face allows it to block light in the instance that you find yourself seated next to someone who insists on keeping their overhead light on even when the cabin is dark. If you find yourself needing a moment of respite even in a crowded cabin or train car, your Nodpod can offer a moment of respite. You never know, you may even find yourself drifting off. 

Travel Induced Headaches and Migraines

Travel in general can induce a headache due to changes in environment such as weather, your diet, and your typical sleep patterns. For those of us who are prone to headaches and migraines to begin with, this can be an unfortunate reality when it comes to traveling. However, by including a Nodpod in your travel supplies you can help keep headaches and migraines at bay. They work especially well out of the freezer when it comes to headache relief, but that’s not always an option when traveling. 

If on a road trip, bring a small cooler or a lunch box with a reusable ice pack that you would ordinarily store food or drinks in and toss in your Nodpod. It may not be quite as nice as pulling it straight from your freezer, but it works in a pinch. The same goes for plane and train travel. While you won’t be able to bring a cooler onto these modes of transport, getting a small bag of ice from the staff and using it to incrementally cool down your Nodpod can give it the same cooling effect.

Key Takeaways

Whether you’re brand new to Nodpod or already have your own collection at home, their usefulness in regard to travel is undeniable. Even if you find yourself not needing it on your trip to your destination, its compact size makes it easy to put away and store for later. You may find yourself more drained on the way home, however, and we have a feeling you’ll be thankful you brought it with you. Even if you have no plans on sleeping, the gentle pressure provided by your Nodpod can be enough to soothe the nerves brought about by traveling and give you some relief from the headaches you may find yourself suffering from. From land to air to sea, Nodpod has you covered. 

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