Battle of the Nodpods: Cotton vs. Silk

Battle of the Nodpods: Cotton vs. Silk

It seems kind of impossible to try and compare two seemingly similar products, but the material composition of your Nodpod can make a tremendous difference in your sleeping experience. Just as your favorite cotton blouse provides different benefits in wear and appearance compared to your favorite silk blouse, your cotton Nodpod offers unique and different benefits when compared to your SILK Nodpod. These benefits are not one-size-fits-all though, so you may find yourself leaning towards one mask more than the other. If you find yourself torn between the two, considering the respective benefits of cotton and SILK can help in making the best decision for you. 


If you would consider yourself a highly tactile person that pays close attention to how different materials feel against your skin, considering the texture of a cotton vs a SILK Nodpod will be instrumental in your decision making. The hallmark materials in the cotton mask are one side made of 100% cotton and the other made with 100% recycled polyester microfleece. The cotton side offers a cooling sensation while the microfleece offers a warming sensation depending on your preferred temperature as you sleep. Both sides are soft and lay comfortably against the skin.

The SILK Nodpod, however, is made up of 22 Momme 100% Mulberry Silk on one side and Soft Touch Velvet on the other. Each respective side offers a similar cooling and warming effect as the cotton and microfleece of the original mask, but the SILK Nodpod ups the ante with luxurious materials that enhance each effect making them perfect for the heat of the summer and the dead of winter. If you have a preference for softer materials and rich textures, then the SILK mask could be the best fit for you. 


As much as we all want our bedding and our bedtime accessories to operate functionally, aesthetics almost always play a role because nobody wants an eyesore in what should be a relaxing and hospitable environment. Depending on how you’ve styled your bedroom, the cotton mask may be the most complementary addition compared to silk and vice versa. Environments that emphasize a sense of coziness may be best suited to the cotton mask that plays well even in the most busy of settings. 

If you have a more minimalist or a more monochromatic environment, however, silk could be an excellent addition to your sleeping environment as an accessory that both helps your sleep quality and doesn’t detract from a carefully curated bedroom aesthetic. 

Benefits to the Skin

If you have found yourself wishing for something that will handle your skin with more delicacy, silk may be the best option for you. When compared with cotton, silk glides across the face much easier and doesn’t cause as much friction or skin irritation. This is often a reason why many choose to opt for silk pillowcases as compared to more traditional cotton pillowcases. Silk also keeps in moisture more so than cotton, so going to bed with your facial moisturizer on is not a lost cause and won’t simply be removed from your face onto your pillowcase or your sleep mask. 

Key Takeaways

Everyone is different when it comes to what they’re looking for in their sleep routine. Some are lucky enough to not need much, if any, assistance and could fall asleep in just about any place in just about any position. Others, however, are not as lucky and need some extra help in the form of sleep aids such as melatonin supplements or weighted products such as a Nodpod weighted sleep mask or weighted blanket. For those of us that are in need of a little extra help, thankfully there are options for us to choose from. While options are great, too many can become paralyzing and leave us grappling with indecision. When it comes to choosing the perfect Nodpod sleep mask, there are many factors to consider such as its texture, appearance, and the benefits it provides other than a tremendous night’s sleep. What’s most important varies from person to person, so take the time to consider what you find most important and valuable to your sleep routine when deciding which mask is best for you!
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