Gentle Pressure. Better Sleep.

Very simply, when gentle pressure is applied to the body it has a profound calming effect, like a hug. This science is known as Deep Touch Pressure and it’s something we can all benefit from.

Weighted Sleep Masks

It's like a hug for your head.


Weighted Blankets

Take the weight, not the heat.


Nodpod Bundle

Chill More, Stress Less, Anywhere.


Nodpod Crewneck

Can't Wait To Sleep With You Crewneck.


3 Minute Magic

We guarantee that within 3 minutes you will start to experience natural stress relief and sink into your best night's sleep, or your money back.

Chill More

Stress Less

Sleep Better

“The Gentle Pressure I Needed”

“What I found to be amazing in this product is the ability for this to lay freely over the eyes and how well it moves with you and your needs.”

— Viel G.

Verified Buyer

“Best Sleeping Pill”

"This is the best for people who can't sleep. I put this over my eyes and within 5 to 10 minutes. I'm out!"

— Sandra S.

Verified Buyer

“Love My Nodpod”

"My son stole it immediately, so I ordered myself another one! The weight and warmth of the Nodpod, quickly puts me to sleep!"

— Wendy B.

Verified Buyer

Our Values

Nodpod is a female owned company manufacturing innovative sleep wellness products that have you (and the earth) in mind

Woman Owned

Meet Melissa and learn about how Nodpod came to be.

Peace of Mind

Soft, breathable fabric that’s OEKO-TEX certified which means they're free from harmful chemicals.

Doing Our Part

We work with Terracycle®️ to recycle damaged Nodpod’s into items you know and love.